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mhz machine, no floppy or cd drive, and modem, the only thing i had to make work was a service processor and what is it? you're not getting very far being nothing but a "no thanks" problem explain why it's not working because I dont know what to say ikonia you're not in #debian or #suse are you? because debian doesnt have 6.3 packages I don't care, explain why it's not working, it's not working ubuntu's version is higher than debian so it should be fine I think the problem is on nvidia side ok (or the kernel) that's what you need to tell us ok, I can see a green light on nvidia card. Also on gdm. But when I switch off computer and when I switch on it (logs in) I have no light you can't see a light when it's off? only when it's on ok, so it's not being detected by the card, but there is a light, but it's not being seen so we need to work out how to make it see the card, then it'll be a problem what sort of card is it? and what version of the card is it I think I read that something to do with module could be missing what module is it? nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 it should be fine you need to work out what module it's using to see why it's not working what version of the card and linux are you running? I think I can not find what is modle model modle what is modle?



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Serial Number Studio 5000 V24 25 zacjai
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