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her nipples pinched! But the real reason, the fact that she was threatened by some of her own rules, was because she was very dissatisfied with herself. Her body was too flabby, her curves were gone, and she felt like she was stuck in her own basement, and that her life wasn't worth living. So in order to get to a certain level, she had to completely destroy herself and start over. So it made sense to make her body the subject of the song, because she was afraid of herself, and that's what she was really scared of-- her beauty, her physical appearance, her sexual desire. So it was also just trying to capture that that idea that you can get a certain goal in life, you can be very beautiful, and then one day you wake up and you don't feel beautiful, and it's scary. So that's also part of what the song is about-- what you can gain, what you can lose. [MUSIC - "HAPPY HAPPY DAYS"] This is a new song. This is called "Happy, Happy Day." This is a new track, a new song by the band Bleachers. This is "HAPPY, HAPPY DAYS." Happy, happy days are here again, but they're not here to stay. They came to fill the void that we've been living in. This is "HAPPY HAPPY DAYS." So this song is about a really lonely guy who is constantly pining for a lover. And at first, I don't think the singer thinks about himself as lonely. I think he really thinks about himself as beautiful. He sees himself as handsome. He sees himself as powerful, as a strong, as a badass. But in reality, he is pretty lonely, and the reason that he's so lonely is because he doesn't feel good about himself at all, and he doesn




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