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He has also a peculiar ability to speak and understand the language of birds. He lives with the widowed Madame Gabriel and her 16 year-old son, Daniel. Vincent finds that his ability to communicate with the birds of the forest is an asset and brings him success, especially in the love department. But Vincent is not the only one who finds himself attracted to the well-endowed Madame Gabriel, and the war of love will leave Vincent in the dust. With its tongue in its cheek, Les voleurs de parfums (1997). Comedy. When a young married couple break up, their home is broken into. The wife of the house is the director of the perfume company, who is so taken with the house, that she invites the thieves to have her perfume tested, and gives them all kinds of things. Will the thieves' good taste be rewarded? With its tongue in its cheek, Les avant-poste (1997). Comedy. In a small village, there is a post that goes to Paris every hour on the hour. It is equipped with such niceties as a toothbrush, a television, a refrigerator, a microwave, and so on. One day, the local population begins to claim that their post is more important than the post in Paris. This post is located in the center of the village. Everything the people are saying is correct. The post in Paris has no television, no fridge, and a limited assortment of kitchen utensils, and yet... Its time is on the half hour. With its tongue in its cheek, Joue d'amour (1997). Comedy. In the 17th century, the ladies of the court, chiromancers, and wizards, or soothsayers, were invited to the court of Louis XIII. Jules and Sophie are two young wizards who are invited to their first ball. One of them, Sophie, falls in love with the king. It is an interesting day. With its tongue in its cheek, Le Préfet de police (1997). Comedy. In the early 1990s, the Republic of France decided that it needed a new law that would end the possibility that a jury could always acquit someone accused of a crime. The law did not come into effect until 2045. Now it is the 22nd year, and the situation has deteriorated. A group of lawyers have invented a small computer that has an IQ of 7,000, and whose programs only go as far as this. Because the computer is found on a ship in the



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Le Surdoue 1997 Torrent Download xevana
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